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We offer two types of storages to keep your belongings in the best conditions that meet you demands. One of them is Smart-Storage/Movable Storage solution and the other is Smart Storage/Self-Storage.

Dogançay Nakliyat, has provided Smart Storage solution both in Ankara and İstanbul since 2010. In Ankara, we have two warehouses of 6500m2, one of which is 4000m2 and the other is 2500m2. In Istanbul, we have two warehouses in each side. The warehouse in Europe side is 2700m2 and Asia side is 1000m2. In these warehouses, we store your goods in best suitable way in humid-free special containers designed uniquely for you. All warehouses are in security restricted areas. In addition, all storage area where your goods are located is monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras for 24 hours. In accordance with our customers’ requests, we can bring our smart storage containers to your home. Your goods are stored into the containers carefully.

As for the Self-Storage, it is operated based on a system that you can access or control your self-storage unit whenever you want and also you can take your belongings whatever you want.  Your goods will be insured and stored safely. State-of-the-art features like 24/7 security cameras and early fire alarm system provide the security and safety you want.


Moving boxes and packing supplies are available in case you run short, and extended access hours let you visit your storage unit when it’s convenient for you. The in-door self-storage facility is the right choice for you if you’d like storage space that feels more like home. In-door units exclude pests which can destroy fabric, leather, and other materials. They minimize dust and protect things like artwork and electronics from humidity. Our Self-Storage is an excellent solution for e-commerce traders. You can use our self-storage area as a commercial warehouse where you can ship sold items. It’s an exceptional option for storing everything from house appliances to collectibles.

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