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The transportation of goods is a process of transporting of your items including your parcel goods to their new locations.  We provide carrying service by furniture lifts from outside of the building, If the target destination has not got any elevator or not available for using.

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Your goods need to be transferred are examined and set on-site survey by our moving coordinators. The aim of the process is because to determine best proper packing material, size of van and number of staff who will perform carrying on the day of  transportation.

  • First, if necessary, our staffs dissemble the furniture and pack up your items and goods with great care. The plastic nylon bags are used for the first time for your goods including coaches, sofas, and household appliances. Then our staffs pack up your goods carefully with appropriate packing materials. On the target destination which can be a house or a storage area, they unpack the goods and place them where you want.
  • After unpacking the household appliances (such as refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven), our staff install and make them work accordingly.
  • Not to become wrinkled, your dresses and clothes in your bedroom are packed up with great care and put them into packages having coat hanger. Your wardrobe is disassembled and reassembles into its new place carefully.
  • Tableware, glasses, dinner-set, crystal glasses, ornaments, and accessories are wrapped and put into boxes, barrels and packages.
  • Electronic devices such as television, stereo, home theater are packed up with bubble wraps and put it into boxes and packages in different size.
  • Flowers are put into packages in accordance with their sizes.

PC: If you want pack your goods or move yourselves, you can buy packages and other consumables for packing via EVEX, our retail company selling transportation materials.

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