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Customs Clearance and Delivery

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Customs Clearance and Delivery

Custom Clearance is required for most of international moving for both source country and target country. During preparation phase, we will inform you about necessary documentations required during custom clearance. In order not to encounter any issues or delay during custom clearance, we ensure to prepare, complete and submit correct documentation and legal arrangement of goods. We will warn you about prohibited items and inform about items subject to tax.

Throughout the process we will keep you up to date and follow the process closely in favor of smoothness of moving plan.



On a scheduled day, we deliver your items to the location formerly agreed upon which could be your new address, a port, an airport or a custom clearance center.  Our movers unload your goods from the container, truck or case and place them in the room of your choice. They also unpack all paper, padding and cupboard packing materials, reassemble your furniture and place the boxes in appropriate rooms where necessary. When it is finished, they check every item from the inventory list to account each package and item. You may also double-check item by item to assure accuracy.

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