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If applicable, we use furniture lifts during moving process. This tool helps to carry goods in good shape without damage, saves time, and eases the process both you and us. Moreover, it doesn’t bring any extra costs to our customer.  Within the various size, dimensions, and carrying capacity, our move coordinators choose the best appropriate option for that operation so as not to meet any undesirable conditions. We have vehicle, trailer-mounted or ladder lifts.

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In Ankara …

 We are the first moving company using furniture lift trucks in this business in Ankara. For instance, by using our 56m lifts, we can carry your goods in 18th floor. In order to use this effective tool, our move coordinators need to evaluate the process and conditions beforehand.

Thus, on the moving day, we don’ want to encounter any surprises.  Moving business is a principled and disciplined sector. The moving process should be organized elaborately. We want to end up this process in best manner.

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