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Designed to carry and lift the goods in higher places during moving process, our furniture lifts using hydraulic power are also be rented by you. Different types of furniture lifts can lift the goods in various heights such as 21m, 26m, 37m, 45m, 56m, and 75 meter. Based on our customer demand, we use appropriate furniture lift for that specific mission. These furniture lifts are operated by certified experts and can only be used in suitable buildings. If an disincentive factor such as a tree or electric wire prevent us to set our furniture lifts, we unfortunately cannot use them as a tool to assist moving. Their carrying capacity varies from 300 kg to 400 kg. The rental time periods differ from an hour to all day long. These tools can also be used in storage solutions while loading into containers.


Asansör Kiralama

The construction materials at your roof, the household goods that cannot be carried on the stairs, and the refrigerator you just purchase for your balcony are easily moved by our furniture lifts without damage.


The companies that may use the furniture lifts in their business

  • Residential door to door moving-relocation
  • Constructions companies
  • Roofers
  • Furniture shops
  • Advertising agencies mounting billboards and signboards on the roofs
  • Apartment building managers that need to fix something
  • All agencies and institutes


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