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By using our removal vans, we also transport parcel items to the destination you want.  Our aim is to provide professional transport experience with our expert staff, to bring the quality of corporate service to our customers. We organize and provide daily, weekly and monthly transportation services regularly to meet the needs. We provide parcel transportation with fair price in accordance with our customer’s will to prevent to burden of high cost. Without hesitation, you may choose us for parcel transportation. We may also provide corporate solutions with other transportation companies for your parcel goods.

Each week, on Tuesday  Ankara-İstanbul ,    on Wednesday İstanbul-Ankara

 To meet the growing needs of parcel transportation, we organize weekly transport of parcels between İstanbul and Ankara regularly. Since several customer parcels are also transported in the same van, you may benefit fairly cheap prices for this service. Like any other transportation we do, we use high quality packing materials for parcel transportation.


parça eşya taşıma


What is Parcel Transportation? What do we mean…

 Parcel means sizeable and bulky goods such as summer dresses and goods, trousseau, student items, goods for singles, dinner set, sitting group. Instead of moving whole home goods, transporting these one or several items at a time is also called parcel transportation. The same process applies even this small amount of items need to be transport. Collecting necessary information of parcel goods, going to the source location, packing carefully, dissembling necessary items, loading to the vans, going to the target destination, unpacking the items and delivering the items on time are just similar steps that we follow to provide safe, clean and smooth transportation. We ensure safe and hygienic conditions for your goods.

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