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Dogancay Nakliyat set out Smart Storage system in 2010 in order to meet the growing needs in this area. Smart Storage system provides preservation and housing your goods in containers. These containers are deployed uniquely for each customer, so it is impossible to mess with other customer’s items. Our storage areas are safe, clean and insured. Our removal vans with these storage containers come to your place to take them. The storage begins at that point after they are begun to pack up and take inventory. By doing this way, we are eliminating any possible damage that may be occurred during loading and unloading process. We take all responsibilities during the goods are under our storage system. Most of the storage companies providing services under unsuitable places such as basements and shelters under the apartments. We strongly recommend you to come and visit our warehouses.  By this means, you can safely store your goods for a long time.

eşya depolama


If you want to store yore additional and unnecessary items and goods in a safe place, you can easily contact us to solve this problem. When you call, our storage coordinators gives you an appointment to set on-site and evaluate the process.  (Again this process is free!) On the agreed day, our storage coordinators provide best suitable storage solutions to you by presenting storage options, different packing techniques and materials, and cost of the storage.

After examining and evaluating your items and goods subject to be stored, our coordinator arranges best suitable van and number of movers that will be assigned that day.  Our staffs pack up your goods carefully with appropriate packing materials and then load them to the containers. Our removal vans are big enough to carry these containers, so once your goods are put into the containers, they will be stored at a time. Our storage warehouses are clean, neat, insured and organized.

  • You can store your redundant goods in our rental storage systems
  • You can store your hobby materials that you do not want to throw away.
  • You can store your additional books in your home
  • If you want to rent your house while you are abroad or several other reasons, you can use our storage solutions.
  • Or you may not to pay higher rental fee for your goods while you are abroad
  • Your items and goods will be available at your new home at the door whenever you want.
  • İf you want, you can store your office items as well.
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