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Since the moving business is a principled and disciplined sector, the moving process should be organized elaborately and in order. Thus, all operation can be controlled and also intervened if necessary. Our operation coverage includes whole cities in Turkey, so we are very careful in each step during moving process.  The operation sequences of our moving process are:

  • The on-site assessment of goods
  • Preparation of packing materials based on expert report
  • Determination of the best suitable removal van for your moving process
  • Determination of who will be the movers for you and their numbers
  • Collecting of personal belongings (money, gun, cosmetics, and underwear …etc) by our customers before the operation.
  • Wrapping the goods by best suitable materials
  • Disassembling of luminaires, droplights and curtain rods.
  • Preparation of household appliances for packing
  • Disassembling of furniture by our carpenters.
  • Loading the packages into the removal vans in order
  • Performing double-check by our customers whether there is an item left
  • In your new house, furniture lifts can be used accordingly
  • Placement of your goods into the desired rooms by our movers
  • Assemble the necessary items (furniture, luminaries…)
  • Getting it signed the moving forms and documents

If any problem occurs during moving process, our move coordinators happy to help you.

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