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Dogancay Nakliyat has a fleet containing removal vans specially designed for professional moving. In accordance with the amount of goods subject to be moved, we have various removal vans in different sizes from 18 to 65 m3 storage capacity.   Established in 1980, our firm has professional and experienced stuff relocating your goods in safe and attentive manner by using modern technological devices and equipment.

In order to gain confidence of our customers, our qualified move coordinators are dedicated to keeping the experience stress-free throughout your relocation process. After they evaluate the process based on the amount of your goods, the features of your previous and new locations, and the distance between them, they tailor our services to your needs by choosing best packing materials and appropriate removal van.

It has become compulsory by the legal regulation which is put into effect by Ministry of Transport and published in Official Gazette in 31.12.2010; all removal vans must be recorded accordingly.  Thus, Dogançay Nakliyat does business with K3 certificate in accordance with this regulation.

Since August, 2013, we have provided a transportation service of parcel goods on Tuesday and Wednesday regularly in every week under the name of EVEX Company.


evden eve nakliyat

Stress-free Moving Experience …

We do everything to make your relocation smooth and comfortable with our experienced, insured and highly-trained staff from the first day we start business. With our cube trucks, all the transportation process including wrapping the goods, assembling and dissembling your furniture are performed by our qualified staff. We pack up fragile glass items with great care in your household goods. All we want from our customers is to take along their personal and special belongings themselves.  We know that moving is a major and hand-wringing event in your life. Thus, our professional movers are dedicated to keeping the experience stress-free throughout your relocation process.


Free Expertise Service

Our move coordinators provide free assessment by performing onsite evaluation of your goods and moving process. Then they determine best suitable option which fits to your condition including but not limited to choosing packing materials, the size of removal van and number of staff who will carry the goods. On the day we scheduled, we will be at the place where your goods need to be moved.


Residential Door to Door Moving

evden eve nakliyat

Our staffs begin to pack up your items and goods and then load them to the removal van accordingly. Our carpenters within our movers disassemble the furniture and wrap them with appropriate packing materials.   Household appliances (such as refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven) are packed with best protective packing materials. Our staff double checks one more time to be sure not to leave any remaining items, after loading all the wrapped goods into the removal van. Then, our removal van loaded with your goods take to road to the target destination. When we reach the designated target place, we start to unload the van and carry the goods into the place by using our special furniture lifts. Then your goods are delivered into the new place exactly where you want them to be and assemble all your furniture.


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